Computer Programming

I am an expert Stata user, an intermediate R programmer and a beginner at Python. I have conducted most of my academic work in Stata. Below are some examples of project descriptions code scripts that I have written using each platform.


Pyne (2020) analyses and graphics

This is the code I used to perform the analyses and create the graphs for my Educational Researcher brief, published in 2020 using Early Childhood Longitudinal Study public data. This code makes use of both multiple imputation by chained equations and survey weights to produce the regression results and coefficient plots in the article. 

(view sample code here)


Web scraping athlete biographical and performance statistics

In this example, I have written code for scraping MMA athlete statistics up to September 2020 over multiple pages on This involved first scraping the URL suffix for each athlete's webpage, assigning them each a unique identifier, and then using those keys to loop through each athlete's biographical information and performance statistics. I am using data here and from other sources to get a sense of whether there are gender and racial differences in both the frequency and timing of stoppages in professional MMA fighting. 

(view sample code here)


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